We store our records, why should we shred them?

Once a document is no longer useful, it becomes a liability. By shredding it, you eliminate any possibility that it will be accessed unlawfully. Additionally, privacy legislation may require your business to destroy documents after a certain period of time. A DataSafe of Colorado specialist can help you design a storage and shredding schedule that will keep your company in compliance with state and federal laws.

Why use a shredding service instead of using your own shredder?

Money and Time! It will cost you a great deal more money to use an office shredder than to use DataSafe of Colorado. The cost of the shredding machine, labor expenses, office space, maintenance, and disposal cost all add up to much more than our fee and we do everything for you! We even provide you with a certificate of destruction for your records. Not to mention we will save you from the noise, mess and dust created by your office shredder.

Why do I need to securely shred my documents, can’t I just throw them away?

Each year nearly 9 million Americans are victimized by identity fraud resulting in $50 billion in damages. DataSafe of Colorado protects your employees and your clients by keeping their information safe, secure, and confidential.

How secure are my documents with DataSafe of Colorado?

DataSafe of Colorado is one of the most secure shredding and destruction companies, meeting or exceeding industry standards. DataSafe of Colorado assures that all shreds are secure and confidential, from point of pick up to the final destruction process:

  • DataSafe of Colorado Document Destruction complies with federal privacy laws such as FACTA, HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley
  • Secure bins are delivered to your location that will remain locked until it reaches DataSafe of Colorado’s checkpoint located in our destruction and storage facility. The lock will only be removed when under surveillance.
  • The entire shredding process is under surveillance to ensure the most secure shred possible.
  • The end product that is shred to 2” x 1/4” which exceeds NAID’s requirements.

How are we charged for your shredding services?

Our fee is based on a flat rate and there are two different ways you can be billed:

  1. Per container per pick up for scheduled routine shredding services
  2. One time purges/cleanouts vary by the job but a good estimate is $15.00 per 100lbs.

There are never hidden fees or surcharges; you always know what you are being charged upfront.

How do you ensure the security of our documents?

All documents are in a secured document console until your scheduled pick up time. At this point they are unloaded into a secure document container, loaded onto our secure vehicles and transported back to our secure location. Once back at our secure location all material is shredded within 72 hours. To schedule a tour of our location, please contact us.

Do you background check all of your employees?

Yes. All of our highly professional employees must pass both a criminal background check and a drug screening prior to employment. In addition all employees are drug screened on a routine basis to meet NAID certification standards.

Is DataSafe of Colorado a member of NAID?

We are members of NAID since 2013 and as of January 2015, we are NAID certified for document destruction.

Do we need to remove staples?

No. There is no need to remove staples, paper clips, binder clips, folders, rubber bands or even CDs.

If I fill up my Security Container before my next scheduled service date, will you come early?

Yes, simply call the office at (303) 255-6553 and we will gladly schedule an earlier pick up for you.

What if we only need you to come to our facility for a one-time job?

No problem. DataSafe of Colorado offers an on call purge/cleanout service. No job is too big or too small, just fill out the estimate request and one of our representatives will contact you.

Do you provide a certificate of destruction for our records?

Yes. We provide a Certificate of Destruction on every invoice for your records.

What can I expect from DataSafe of Colorado?

In one word “partnership”. With our client’s feedback, input and an open, honest dialogue, we at DataSafe of Colorado will consistently do our best to ensure a stress free, cost-effective, secure, and confidential shredding process.

What makes DataSafe of Colorado different from other shredding companies?

Not only is DataSafe of Colorado one of the most secure and cost-effective shredding companies, we are the only shredding company in Adams County who’s mission is to create jobs for people with disabilities.

What happens to my documents and waste once it is shredded?

After DataSafe shreds your documents, the remains are securely transferred to a recycling facility where they are reprocessed for other purposes, such as recycled household paper items.

Does DataSafe of Colorado only shred paper?

No, DataSafe of Colorado securely shreds paper of all types, as well as nearly any confidential storage devices, such as:

  • Credit Cards
  • Identification Badges
  • CD’s and DVD’s
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Floppy Disk
  • Zip Disk
  • X-Rays
  • And much more…

For over five years we have also run a very successful, multi-faceted, no cost cardboard box recycling program, in which we partner our staff with our clients with developmental disabilities who are responsible for picking up cardboard from numerous local businesses. The cardboard is then returned to our location where it is crushed, baled and loaded onto a truck for recycle.

Do you recycle?

Yes. We recycle 100% of the paper we shred.

Why use a shredding company if we already recycle?

Recycling companies are in the business of getting the highest dollar amount for their paper as possible. Paper is sorted by hand into different grades and baled for anyone and everyone to see and prey on. By placing your documents in one of our secured document consoles you can be assured your information will be in a secure environment until it is shredded to standards that exceed NAID certification.