Datasafe of Colorado holds your document and information security as our top priority. We have policies in place to protect and ensure your security as outlined below. If you have any questions regarding our security measures, we encourage you to contact us.

For off-site shredding, all applicants working in the DataSafe Data Destruction Cell are required to review and sign a Document Destruction Confidentiality Agreement which will require them to keep any information regarding the customer (and its customers) private. Copies of the confidentiality agreement will be maintained in each employee’s personnel file.

All applicants considered for employment with DataSafe must undergo a criminal background investigation (CBI) to be conducted by the North Metro Community Services human resources representative. The CBI will include criminal history, employment history, and motor vehicle records and will be issued in all counties and states of residence/employment for the previous seven years.

The DataSafe Data Destruction Cell itself is a secure access area surrounded by a 10’ fence and secured by 24/7 surveillance cameras.  We have five high resolution color cameras backed up by a nine channel 1 TB (at least) triplex DVR. There are also alarms and access codes on every door to the cell.

Employees who work in the Data Destruction Cell will be granted a Special Access designation and will be on guard for unescorted visitors in the data destruction area. Any employee noticing a visitor who is not escorted in the cell will immediately inform the Plant Manager or Cell Manager. The unauthorized visitor will then be escorted to the front office to establish his/her reason for attempting to enter the area. At the slightest resistance to cooperation, the police will be notified. While our employees will not attempt to physically restrain an individual, they will notify police and take down a license plate number if an unescorted visitor leaves in a vehicle. If a Non-Access employee attempts to enter the cell, they will be terminated. If any employee attempts to take any item into or out of the cell, they will be terminated.

The DataSafe Cell Manager will complete a security inspection of the Data Destruction Cell at the beginning and end of each shift to look for breaches of security. Every week, the Property Maintenance Manager will complete a maintenance check of the security system and the closed circuit television system. All records will be kept in accordance with NAID Operational Security Maintenance Log 70809.